Bet Tiger doesn’t Lycos for media frenzy

29 Sep 2006

Showing that the underlying principle of the internet truly is the butterfly effect, internet search engine Lycos has revealed that the search term ‘Elin Nordegren’ showed the biggest increase for the week ending 23 September.

It was the eight most-searched term overall for the week.

Elin Nordegren is Tiger Woods’ wife, and was the focus of much attention last week when The Dubliner magazine marked the occasion of Ireland hosting the Ryder Cup by publishing what it claimed was a nude photograph of her.

A supposedly satirical article about the wives and girlfriends of the US Ryder Cup golf team featured the image, which comprised Nordegen’s head superimposed on a nude model. The picture was obtained from that most reliable of sources, the internet.

Following the media furore Stateside, it seems internet-goers had to satisfy their curiosity and searched in their droves for information about, and possibly pictures of, Nordegen. ‘Erin Nordegren’ was up 8,000pc in the Lycos biggest movers’ list, almost as far ahead of second-placed term ‘Rachel Ray Show’, which was up 2,180pc, as the European team was ahead of its US competitors in the golfing shindig. The fact that the image was widely reported as a fake did not make much odds with the devoted multitudes, proof that reality is better when it’s virtual for many net users.

The good news is that ‘Ireland’ showed the 10th biggest increase, up 89pc in Lycos listings, which will be a boon to our tourist industry no doubt. Instead of being pilloried, maybe The Dubliner editor Trevor White should be acknowledged for his part in driving online traffic towards Irish content. Perhaps he could be a guest speaker at this year’s Net Visionary Awards. And if he’s not available, there should at least be an acceptable look-alike.

By Niall Byrne