Bing overtakes Yahoo!, becomes No 2 US search engine – Nielsen

14 Sep 2010

Microsoft’s Bing search engine has overtaken Yahoo!, making it the second most used search engine in the US, research released by Nielsen suggests.

Bing experienced a 13.9pc share of search volume in August 2010, a .25pc delta increase from last month.

Yahoo, however, fell from a 14.6pc share to 13.1pc in the same period.

These figures still are minute compared to Google. It saw little change in its 65pc share in US searches.

In the course of the year, Yahoo! has seen a small but ongoing decline, falling from 16pc to 13.1pc.

Bing, however, has grown from 10.7pc from August 2009 to its current figure of 13.9pc.

These figures follow Microsoft and Yahoo!’s search deal in July of 2009. Yahoo!, meanwhile, became the exclusive worldwide relationship sales force for both companies’ premium search advertisers.

Microsoft officially started powering Yahoo! search in August 2010.

Nielsen saw if it combined Bing-powered search in August, it would represent a 26pc share of search.

“Nielsen’s search data only counts genuine intentional searches that people type into a search box,” they said about their report.

“It does not include non-intended or ‘contextual’ searches that are automatically generated by search engines based on a person’s browsing behaviour.”

Comscore tells a different story. According to its report, in July, Yahoo! had a 17.1pc share of searches, while Bing only had 11pc.

Comscore states its methodology “excludes contextually driven searches that do not reflect specific user intent to interact with the search results.”