Call 11890 now texts business locations along with phone numbers

2 Dec 2011

Irish directory enquiries company Call 11890 is providing smartphone owners with free geo-link codes, giving them directions to the business they’ve enquired about along with the phone number.

The directory enquiry service will now include a map with the business’ location in their texts to customers who rang to request the business’ number.

The implementation of the code is part of a €200,000 investment and has now completed its testing phase. Call 11890 worked with Limerick-based tech start-up Cauwill to develop this SMS service and estimates that 80pc of businesses in Ireland listed are now geo-linked.

According to Call 11890, click-through rates for the service have gone “well ahead of expectations” during the soft launch phase.

“In this day and age, it is all about clearly adding value for your customers without increasing cost and, of course, continuing to differentiate yourself from your competitors,” said Nicola Byrne, managing director of Call 11890.

“Equally, smartphone penetration continues to grow and we were keen to be able to offer 11890 customers the ability to utilise the smartphone technology for their directory enquiries,” she said.