Dell turns green in face of climate change

28 Feb 2008

As the first ever computer company to join the not-for-profit Climate Group, Dell has vowed to aim for carbon neutrality for its company facilities, manufacturing operations and business-related air travel, beginning this year.

The Climate Group is an international, independent organisation that aims to create awareness of climate change issues for companies and governments around the world by advising and educating on best practise for lowering carbon emissions.

Other members of the Climate Group include Sky, Bloomberg, News Corporation, HSBC bank and the BP oil company.

All members commit to not only following the group’s guidelines but also contributing to its agenda regarding climate change, with each company sharing its particular knowledge and experience.

“The Climate Group is delighted to welcome Dell as the first IT member of our coalition of companies leading on climate change issues,” said Chris Walker, the director of the North American faction of the Climate Group.

“Dell revolutionised the PC business and we believe it can do similarly great things for the IT industry’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Dell’s extensive product reach into homes and offices creates the potential to make an even greater contribution to creating a low-carbon economy.”

In Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics 2007, Dell shared the top spot with Nokia as the top environmentally friendly tech company for its take-back and recycling policies.

Dell currently has one of the lowest carbon footprints among Fortune 500 companies and has further pledged to reduce this by 15pc by 2012.

Gil Casellas, vice-president of corporate responsibility for Dell, said the organisation aims to become the greenest tech company on the planet: “Working with the Climate Group and other stakeholders demonstrates our commitment to a cleaner earth and low-carbon economy,” he added.

By Marie Boran