Digital Hub reports 44pc increase in number of firms

20 Feb 2007

The first year into the second phase of the Digital Hub development plan saw a 44pc increase in the number of companies locating at the project, the State agency said today.

There are now 76 digital media enterprises based at the Liberties project, ranging from new start-ups to international companies, including Zamano and Amazon.

Some 25pc of companies based in the hub are the result of foreign direct investment.

The State-sponsored Digital Hub Development Agency said that by the time the second phase is completed by 2012 an entire city quarter based on digital media enterprises will be delivered.

“Community, enterprise and public sector representatives have painstakingly agreed 28 principles that will inform the shape of the Digital Hub Project as it rolls out,” explained the Digital Hub’s chief executive Philip Flynn.

“These principles range from providing education and enterprise opportunities for local people in the digital media sector to preserving the unique heritage of the buildings within the south-west inner city.”

The plan sets out the aims of the project, as well as comprehensive targets, across three headings: enterprise and research; community, education and training; and property and heritage.

“Over the coming months and years, as the delivery of the Digital Hub Project accelerates, we will be constantly referring back to the representatives from the community, enterprise and public sector for their views and opinions.

“This way we can achieve a unique international centre for digital media research, innovation and enterprise development, while making the south-west inner city a vibrant place to live for the existing community and those who may choose to settle here in the future,” Flynn explained.

Flynn said that approximately 25pc of the companies based at the Digital Hub are the result of foreign direct investment. “We expect this to rise significantly as the benefits of locating in the Digital Hub continue to attract international digital media companies.

“All the while, as we have been getting the project off the ground and implementing our enterprise aims, some of the Digital Hub’s greatest success has been at community level.

“In particular, a number of learning programmes are operating in 17 local schools and a number of local community groups in the Liberties. Digital media education for the local community is a key delivery of the project and we continue to deliver on this remit everyday,” Flynn added.

By John Kennedy