#euro2012 – 30pc of viewers will watch matches on smartphones, tablets, PCs

8 Jun 2012

One in three Irish people will use their mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops, to view the European Championships games live.

That’s according to online TV service Aertv.

For watching live events, the most popular device is the iPhone, which claims 38pc of all Aertv’s mobile traffic.

This is followed by the iPad, which has a 38pc share of mobile traffic.

The first Ireland game is against Croatia and kicks off at 8.45pm on Sunday, 10 June.

“Our analysis of visitors shows that the Aertv service has become a great way to resolve screen conflicts with family and friends,” Philippe Brodeur, director of Aertv, explains.

“One case in point was last month’s recent Champions League Final where the service showed a spike in visitors with many viewing the game on their tablets or smartphones.

“A recent addition to the service means that the matches will all be available to watch in HD, making the viewing experience great for everyone who wants to watch the Euros live,” Brodeur said.

Recent research from Aertv suggests tablet computers are beginning to disrupt the multi-billion-dollar TV business and by 2016 112.5m US consumers will own one. According Aertv, one in four visits have been via a mobile device, with the iPad accounting for 45pc of the mobile devices.

Euro 2012 image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years