Google+ introduces ‘volume slider’ and updates brand pages

19 Dec 2011

Google has released a number of updates for its social network Google+, including the ability to delegate up to 50 administrators for Google+ Pages.

Users can now control how many posts they see from a particular circle in their main stream. Using a ‘volume slider’, they can select from seeing no posts from a particular circle to everything from it in their streams. Viewing photos on the service has also been redesigned.

The notifications section in the Google bar has been updated, providing improved information on what each notification means. Users can also see who +1s and shares their posts through the notifications section.

Google upgraded Google+ Pages for brands, letting users delegate up to 50 named administrators for a page which has been in high demand. There is a new notification flow to let administrators stay updated on all activities on each page.

There is also an aggregated count of users who have engaged with a Google+ Page to give administrators more details on how much people are interacting with the page.