Halo 3 pre-orders hits record one million

9 Aug 2007

Halo 3 has officially become the most anticipated games release in history with pre-order copies in the US alone exceeding one million over a month before its 25 September release there, followed by the European release the next day.

Microsft is currently taking orders for three versions of the game; the Standard Edition, Limited Edition and the collector’s Legendary Edition.

Demand for the Legendary Edition is so high, according to Microsoft, that it is predicted to be sold out by the time the release date rolls around.

“What we’ve experienced is nothing short of phenomenal,” said Bob McKenzie, senior vice-president of merchandising at GameStop Corp.

Halo 3 has eclipsed many previous records and will prove to be one of the must-have items of 2007.”

Microsoft gave details of the forthcoming advertising campaign for the game, with promotions from big brands like Burger King, ComCast and Pontiac.

US soft drinks company Mountain Dew are releasing a product specifically marketed along with Halo 3, called Game Fuel, with added caffeine for avid gamers. This obviously won’t reach Ireland so we’ll have to stick to Jolt or Red Bull.

Halo 3sales are expected to far exceed those of Halo 2, released in November 2004 and which sold 2.4 million copies on the first day of its release.

By Marie Boran