Mac Chrome delay disappointing, Google says

23 Oct 2009

While the public release of Google’s Chrome browser for Windows has been available since December 2008, the Mac has yet to see a mere Beta release of its own version of Chrome – even Google co-founder Sergey Brin is disappointed with the long wait.

While being interviewed at the Web 2.0 Summit yesterday, Brin answered an audience member’s question on why exactly Chrome for Mac was taking so long by saying he himself was disappointed about the timing.

He added he was disappointed that both the Windows and Mac version has not shipped simultaneously.

Meanwhile, a pre-Beta developer version, while obviously prone to being buggy and unstable, is available for download from the Google Developer Channel.

This developer version comes with the warning: “The Mac build still lacks certain privacy features, and is not appropriate for general consumer use.”

Meanwhile, Google has released some new designer themes, or skins, for its Chrome browser, which work on both the stable Windows version and the Developer Mac version, and are being promoted through a special YouTube video that sees the designs literally jumping off the page by emerging from the YouTube video itself and taking over the entire window, which then acts as a theme browser post roll.

By Marie Boran