Reddit launches new crowdfunding website Redditmade

29 Oct 2014

Internet communities platform Reddit is expanding its operation with the launch of Kickstarter-esque crowdfunding website Redditmade.

The new service will allow Reddit users to develop merchandise to help raise cash for themselves or a cause they care about.

A beta version of the site is currently operational and Reddit is pushing T-shirts as the easiest campaign to create starting off. Once a user submits a design, decides how many shirts he or she wants to sell and what price to charge, the seller has 30 days to reach his or her goal. If enough people pledge to buy the tee, Reddit will produce it. If the goal is not met, neither the user nor those who backed the project are charged.

“You can create almost anything you want on Redditmade, whether it’s a hat, sticker, glass, or something super specially customised and unique,” wrote the company via the new site’s About Us page.

“We’ll help you make it happen! Want to make a T-shirt? You can create your design and make your campaign go live in just a few minutes.”

The first campaigns are already up and running, though the site cannot yet pay out to bank accounts that aren’t based in the US.

Reddit image via Shutterstock

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic