Rumblefish brings music licensing to YouTubers

30 Jun 2010

Music licensing service Rumblefish has created a new service for YouTube users called Friendly Music that gives them the option of adding music to their uploads for US$1.99 a track.

When YouTube introduced the video editor functionality a few weeks ago, it also gave users the ability to add free tracks from its AudioSwap library but these are limited and with its new service, Rumblefish is offering soundtracks by mood, genre, occasion and keywords, as well as a free track of the week.

“Once you download it, the track is yours and subject to your creativity. Add it to a YouTube video, create a mashup with it, or add it onto the existing audio in your YouTube video. Videos with Friendly Music soundtracks are licensed for unlimited views for the life of the video all over the world,” said Ali Sandler, music partner manager, and Glenn Brown, head of music partnerships at YouTube.

With Rumblefish as a YouTube partner, this is quite a unique pairing, as it is the first time a music company has offered YouTube users a direct licence and notably this is specifically for recreational use and is non-commercial.