Twitter founder Dorsey is back working at Twitter

12 Nov 2010

Jack’s back! Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is back working at the social media titan in the area of product development, a sure sign that Twitter is working hard to enrich the tapestry of features and functionality on its site.

Just hours after Twitter revealed that it has forged an alliance with Apple’s Ping social music service on iTunes, it seems Dorsey is back in the fold at Twitter.

Twitter is hard at work boosting the capabilities of and in recent months unveiled a revamp with a whole host of new features, as well as Twitter iPad, iPhone and Android apps.

Twitter currently has 175 million users worldwide and is on track to reach 200 million users by the end of this year, based on its current rate of growth. If it continues at the present rate of 360,000 signups a day, it could soon eclipse even Facebook in terms of population. Facebook has 500 million users.

According to Business Insider, Dorsey is working on “fixing” Twitter’s product. Dorsey was recently in Dublin where he spoke at the Founders event that ran alongside the Dublin Web Summit.

Dorsey had been CEO of Twitter until its chairman and top investor Evan Williams took the CEO mantle for himself.

In recent months, Williams stepped down from the CEO role to work on product development and has been replaced by new CEO Dick Costolo.

Dorsey’s return is understood to be at the behest of Costolo and apparently Williams is none too pleased about it.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years