Understanding social media through dinosaurs (infographic)

6 Aug 2012

A tongue-in-cheek infographic is comparing social media sites with dinosaurs, reflecting each site’s characteristics in one of the now-extinct creatures.

The infographic by Najeeb Khan for Uvavi.com that’s published on Visual.ly pairs Reddit with pterodactyl, teams up stegosaurus with Stumbleupon, likens triceratops to Twitter, links up LinkedIn with brachiosaurus, matches tyrannosaurus rex with Facebook, and couples up Google+ with velociraptor.

“This annoying little creature tends to be everywhere,” the infographic says about Google+/velociraptor. “It comes out when you least expect it and just like the annoying guy from high school, it wants to be everyone’s friend. It says it has over a million friends but has no one to hang out with.”

The infographic also takes a stab at MySpace, likening the former social networking giant to a fossil.

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Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic