Intel to launch 3D-printed robot plans online by end of year

29 May 2014

Intel will be making it possible for anyone with the right 3D printing equipment to produce and have their own Intel robot by the end of this year, at a considerable price.

According to re/Code, the robot will be fully customisable by the user and will be known as the Jimmy the Research Robot available from its website that will not only be where the designs are distributed, but also an online store for all the different mechanical parts that the intrepid robot builder won’t be able to print.

The rather adorable looking robot will be powered internally by Intel’s own Edison chip which provides a basic computer at a low-cost base, however, for those with consdierbaly more money to spend, they can build a larger, more-improved version of Jimmy with the Core i5 processor for US$16,000.

However, Intel expect that once it is up and running, Jimmy will cost a slightly more affordable US$1,000.

The company say they have put an emphasis on making Jimmy as open-source as possible to allow users to tinker and toy around with the internal software and, even, Jimmy himself which they can then distribute online through apps and software applications.

In their official announcement about Jimmy, they say that the technology behind it has been in development for over several months and was the idea of futurist Brian David Johnson and was a collaboration of developers from USC, Olin College, and Trossen Robotics.

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Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic