LinkedIn is using AI to change the way people connect

3 Oct 2023

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As a boost to both those employing and those looking for jobs, LinkedIn has new generative AI features to make both tasks easier using natural language.

LinkedIn is rolling out a spate of new generative AI features to help recruiters and jobseekers connect on its platform.

With nearly a billion users, LinkedIn hopes generative AI will make it easier for recruiters to find the right candidates for roles they advertised using natural language to ask questions. The new features will also help jobseekers upskill with the help of an AI-powered learning coach.

Earlier this year, the world’s biggest professional networking platform said it will roll out AI tools to help jobseekers on the Premium tier personalise their profile as they are writing it.

Now, multiple reports suggest LinkedIn is taking this AI push further with a little help from OpenAI, the company LinkedIn’s parent Microsoft has invested billions into.

Ryan Roslansky, CEO of LinkedIn, told Reuters that as job titles continue to change rapidly, the platform will focus on highlighting skills instead of titles or education to help recruiters find the right talent.

“When you just focus on whether someone went to an Ivy League school or worked at Google, you’re talking about a very narrow set of people that everyone is trying to hire,” he said.

“When you focus on the skills that are required to do the job effectively, all of a sudden, you see there are tens of thousands of candidates out there,” he said. “You can’t just look at job titles.”

Professional networking and job posting is a very valuable area of tech. In late August, hoping to take a fraction of LinkedIn’s dominant share in this market, X (formerly Twitter) introduced a new job posting feature for verified users.

The beta feature will allow companies and organisations to “feature your most critical roles and organically reach millions of relevant candidates”, in a manner similar to how LinkedIn lets businesses display job postings to attract suitable candidates.

“For the majority of the world, you’re going to find that [jobseeking and recruiting] tasks are going to be augmented by AI, so your role is going to need to adapt a little bit,” Roslansky told Reuters.

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Vish Gain is a journalist with Silicon Republic