Couple wins free video games for life over baby name

22 Nov 2011

An image from The Elder Scrolls vs. Skyrim

When video-game publisher Bethesda offered free products for life to anyone who had a child on 11 November 2011 and named him or her Dovahkiin, US couple and gaming fans Megan and Eric Kellermeyer were up for the challenge – and won.

The Kellermeyers welcomed their son, Dovahkiin Tom Kellermeyer, into the world on 11 November 2011, the launch date of Bethesda’s role-play game The Elder Scrolls vs. Skyrim. Dovahkiin is the game’s protagonist.

On the blog she shares with Eric, Megan wrote she wanted the baby to have a unique name.

“I am so picky about boy names that I was having a lot of trouble finding just the right one,” she wrote. “We’ve toyed with Dovahkiin and the ramifications of naming a child that name, and that name being based on a video game character (however awesome), and what impact that would have on him.

“But the more I thought of it, the more I settled on Dovahkiin, contest or no.”

Megan also said the baby was conceived long before they heard of the competition, which Bethesda announced in February.

The couple already have a daughter, named Kyari.

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic