David Cameron tweet inspires parodies by celebrities

6 Mar 2014

UK Prime Minister David Cameron

Once again, UK Prime Minister David Cameron has found himself at the end of an unintended joke after celebrities pounced on a photo he tweeted via his official Twitter account.

In response to the political crisis in Ukraine, Cameron and his press team decided to show a sense of urgency by tweeting a photo of a stern-looking Cameron supposedly on the phone with US President Barack Obama. The accompanying message reads, “I’ve been speaking to @BarackObama about the situation in Ukraine. We are united in condemnation of Russia’s actions.”

This isn’t the first time a social media post has backfired on Cameron. Last year, his sister-in-law posted a photo of him asleep in bed on Instagram.

Cameron phone tweet

The first celebrity to jump on the case was comedian Rob Delaney who expressed the urgency felt with the tweet by saying he was on the line now with his ‘toothpaste phone’.

Rob Delaney tweet

Not one to miss an opportunity, Shakespearean actor and X-Men star Sir Patrick Stewart joined in the fun at Cameron’s expense by posting his own parody photo asking to be patched through with his tube of baby wipes.

Patrick Stewart

But, of course, any major Twitter event wouldn’t be complete without memes.

This is dog

Cameron dream phone


Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic