GTA Online gets off to a rocky start, fans react on Twitter

2 Oct 2013

Grand Theft Auto Online, a massive online multiplayer counterpart to the recent Grand Theft Auto V release, went live yesterday after earlier warnings for gamers to expect glitches. With numerous fans unable to even log in to the game, they took to social media to vent their frustration.

The game’s creators, Rockstar Games, predicted there would problems at launch with GTA Online. Following phenomenal sales of GTA V – every copy of which comes with free access to the online game – Rockstar has, according to a recent blog post, been “working around the clock to buy and add more servers” in order to accommodate the number of players expected to join the game when it went live on 1 October.

In the open-world game, players can go it alone or interact with up to 16 others as their own personalised character. They can carry out a bank heist, partake in some street racing, or just go shopping.

GTA Online players will earn a reputation from their online exploits, which will rank and reward them with access to new features, weapons and contacts. Money can be earned by completing missions and challenges, or can be bought with real-life currency through the in-game store.

However, for most players on day one, this was not the gameplay experience they enjoyed. Time’s Matt Peckham labelled the game “mostly unplayable” rating it “5 out of 5 Disconnects (in 10 minutes)”, while Forbes’ Paul Tassi wrote, “the question seems to be where exactly the game is kicking you out at this point”.

Rockstar is continuously updating the status of known issues with the game but, in the meantime, here’s the reaction on Twitter to its difficult first day.

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