Man attacks teen over video game loss

4 Oct 2011

Call of Duty: Black Ops

When a 13-year-old boy killed the online video game character of a 46-year-old man, the angered man went to the boy’s home and grabbed him by the throat with both hands.

Mark Bradford of Plymouth, England, told court recently he attacked the boy after losing a game of Call of Duty: Black Ops to him. The two had been playing the game on the internet.

Bradford, who knows where the boy lives, told the court he lost control of his anger when the boy killed his character. He added that he has since seen the boy and apologised, and even though “the injuries weren’t that bad”, he does regret his actions.

Bradford is free on bail and is due to be sentenced on 24 October.

The boy’s mother told The Mirror she does not forgive Bradford, saying you shouldn’t be playing video games if you can’t handle losing to a child.