PlayStation tunes into Spotify as it ditches Music Unlimited

28 Jan 2015

Spotify has struck a major deal with Sony to be the music hub of the PlayStation Network under the name PlayStation Music, while ditching its Music Unlimited service in the process.

Coming the end of March, the new music service will have Spotify’s massive catalogue and brand name running under its new Sony face as an app that will appear on the PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 3 (PS3) and its Xperia smartphone range, with future expansion planned to desktop PCs.

According to the announcement, 41 countries in total will have access to the catalogue that will unsurprisingly allow users to listen to Spotify through their chosen device, but on the PS4, gamers will also be able to play their music at the same time, if they fancied running amok in GTAV with their own unique soundtrack.

Sony say that at its launch, users will have access to voer 30m songs and 1.5bn playlists and future details on the service will be released on the run-up to the 29 March release date.

There is however, the matter regarding Sony’s only failed attempt at creating their own music streaming service, that being Music Unlimited, which it casually threw in a few details of at the end of the release.

In the 19 countries that the service has been operating, the few customers who used it will cease to exist on the same day that PlayStation Music is launched, but will have the caveat of getting a month free of PlayStation Music for their troubles.

Streaming music image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic