Survey reveals changing TV habits, thanks to new media

6 May 2011

Nearly one-third (29pc) of respondents in a survey commissioned by Magnet Networks have used Facebook or Twitter to comment on a TV programme while watching it.

The survey of 1,000 people shows watching YouTube videos is the preferred activity on PCs, smartphones and tablets, with 65pc saying this is what they do most. Movie/TV downloads (44pc) and live TV watching (27pc) are ranked next.

And a key finding of the survey was that 71pc of people in Ireland now watch TV programmes on their laptops and PCs, with one in five doing so regularly.

“Magnet WebTV has demonstrated for us that live TV viewing is no longer confined to the television set. With over 18,000 subscribers since launching a few months ago, there’s an obvious demand for a service delivered over newer media devices,” said Mark Kellett, CEO of Magnet Networks.

“And it seems from the research that the more we’ve grown up with laptops and smartphones the more intuitive it becomes to watch television on these devices.”

One-third of the 1,000 people surveyed own a smartphone and only 3pc said they owned an iPad or tablet PC, and of these 72pc said they used it for web access primarily with only 9pc using them to watch television.