Watch: Apple Christmas ad teams up Stevie Wonder and Andra Day

27 Nov 2015

It’s not just high street retailers who are duking it out in the Christmas ‘advert wars’, with this year’s entry from Apple uniting the powers of Stevie Wonder and Andra Day for the former’s hit, Someday At Christmas.

Sainsbury’s had a troublesome cat, while John Lewis had some moon adventures, but this year’s Apple Christmas ad takes things back to the basics with the singing of Wonder’s Christmas song released all the way back in 1967.

As far as promoting its products, you’d have to say Apple hasn’t gone all in, Wonder and Day aren’t singing down the phone to one another through their iPhones while using an Apple Mac with their Apple TV and eating an apple.

No, in this case, all we really see is Wonder using GarageBand and VoiceOver to edit his song, with a throw-in reference to the Apple Watch, with the rest of the ad being made up of the pair singing the song.

The rest is just singing with children, happy dogs, elves’ shoes and putting trinkets on the Christmas tree.

Compare this to last year’s ad, which went full hog, having a granddaughter using a variety of Apple products to produce a song for her grandmother to remind her of her lost husband.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic