Nualight creates new LED lighting colour tech for food displays

19 Jul 2012

Nualight, the Irish clean-tech company that specialises in LED lighting for food retail, says it has come up with two new lighting solutions to revolutionise colour vibrancy in fresh food displays.

Vivace is Nualight’s LED lighting colour technology that the company has developed to bring out the natural colours in food when it is on display in supermarkets, for instance.

The company, based in Cork, Ireland, has been making headlines of late. Last September, for instance, it announced it had acquired Dutch LED lighting technology firm Lumoluce for nearly €11m.

This past March, Nualight secured a US$100m opportunity with Hussman, a global manufacturer of refrigerated display merchandisers and refrigeration systems.

At the time Nualight said the move would help food retailers reap energy savings of up to 40pc by switching to LED lighting.

Up to now, the company said that true vibrancy in reds was difficult to achieve with LED. It said this was a particular challenge for meat, mixed seafood, cheeses and patisserie displays that contain rich reds. However, it is hoping its latest technological solution will change that.

The company itself is led by LED lighting specialist Dr Liam Kelly. Nualight is funded by Climate Change Capital, ESB Novus Modus, 4th Level Ventures and the Quinn retail family.  

Nualight employs about 200 people. According to the company, it is the only LED lighting company in the world that specialises exclusively in the lighting of food retail displays.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic