Dublin tech firm Anam acquired by Croatia’s Infobip

6 May 2021

Image: © galitskaya/Stock.adobe.com

The mobile telecoms software company counts Deutsche Telekom among its clients and had expanded in Africa and Asia.

Anam Technologies, the Dublin-based telecoms software company, has been acquired by Croatia’s Infobip.

Anam develops firewall solutions to help mobile network operators manage application-to-person (A2P) messages. It is used to protect against fraud and spam.

The company has more than 80 mobile network operators globally using its product, including Deutsche Telekom and Orange, servicing more than 600m people.

Infobip, founded in 2006, develops a cloud communications platform that helps businesses link up different communications channels.

No financial figures for the deal have been disclosed – though it consists of a mix of cash and shares. Anam previously raised more than €2m in 2018 from investors and employs around 50 people.

“A key part of the messaging ecosystem is the security and integrity of the mobile networks. For the industry to continue growing, the messaging channels need to be free from spam and fraud and the mobile operators’, enterprises’ and subscribers’ position protected,” Anam chief executive Darragh Kelly said.

“This acquisition brings two best-in-class messaging companies together to deliver this.”

Infobip raised more than $200m last year from private equity firm One Equity Partners, in a deal that valued the Croatian company at more than $1bn. It is planning an IPO in New York in the next two years.

“This past year saw the effects of the pandemic impact many operators who were reporting heavy messaging traffic on a regular basis across the world, as businesses moved to a digital model almost overnight,” Infobip chief executive Silvio Kutić said.

“A2P has never been more important to this cohort for sustainability. Together with Anam, we will continue to provide even more support to carriers to ensure we secure messages and help them bring more value to their sector and to end users.”

Prior to this acquisition, Anam had been pushing strongly into untapped markets in Africa and Asia. It opened an office in Kenya in late 2019 and had a presence in Malaysia.

Infobip, meanwhile, is expanding its business in different ways. Earlier this year, it acquired Shift, a developer conference business.

Jonathan Keane is a freelance business and technology journalist based in Dublin