Bitcoin payments now accepted by Dublin online art seller

20 Jul 2015 founder Kritika Ashok

An Irish-based e-commerce start-up that connects consumers with a global community of artists has begun accepting payments in bitcoin., previously known as Artnouv, is headed by ex-Accenture executive Kritika Ashok.

The site converts your memories into art by using photographs to make custom handmade paintings from a network of artists all over the world, from Brazil to India.

Ashok said that the decision to opt for bitcoin was a practical one.

“We have been evaluating various ways to make it easier for our customers to transact.

“Bitcoin and accepting One4all vouchers are two such ways to do so and we have started accepting them both on our site. The main reason was to make it an even easier transaction for our customers and an even more seamless process,” she said.

Ashok went live with the bitcoin system last week and said she has had a number of queries from overseas customers willing to pay in bitcoin.

“I would recommend every start-up to see their business model, their price points, their customers and evaluate if it makes sense.

“For online businesses, the set-up cost is low, the ease to convert to cash easy and the risk is minimal, so in some ways, it’s a no-brainer.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years