Crowley Carbon creates 30 jobs within two years

23 May 2011

Serial entrepreneur Norman Crowley established Crowley Carbon in 2009 with a specific vision to assist corporations in their efforts to reduce the their overall energy consumption.

He says what motivates him used to be a fear of “going broke”, but now it’s really the desire to create a large business that can make a real difference at a global level.

Wicklow-based Crowley Carbon has grown at a rapid pace over the past two years and now employs 30 people at its offices in Wicklow, Cork, Galway, the UK and France.

Having previously achieved significant success with a number of other business ventures, Crowley was keen to return to the world of entrepreneurship and apply his knowledge and business experiences to create a company that would not only be profitable, but also make a real difference in the sphere of energy efficiency. 

Crowley says floating Inspired Gaming Group in 2006, after what was a complex and risky transaction, has been his biggest financial achievement to date.

“We did what’s known as an accelerated IPO, where we purchased a company 80 times our size and in the process borrowed over €250m,” he said.

Inspired to patent cutting-edge technologies

During his research into the numerous problems associated with global warming, Crowley discovered that industries typically waste more than 40pc of all energy consumed by them. He was thus inspired to develop and patent a range of cutting-edge technologies in an effort to assist businesses to reduce this unnecessary waste.

The company has undertaken a major R&D project that has involved extensive testing of thousands of energy technologies that are currently available in the global marketplace, while also developing its own energy-efficiency products in order to provide companies with a complete solution for their specific energy needs.  

Crowley Carbon technologies have a wide range of applications uses, reducing energy consumption in products as diverse as industrial chillers and large motors, to high-efficiency heat exchangers.

Clients include Irish companies such as Dawn Foods and Musgrave Group, along with multinationals such as Pfizer and Thermoking.

Crowley Carbon is a finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2011.

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