Europe Start-up 100: Who are the ones to watch in 2020?

3 Feb 2020

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We have rounded up 100 European start-ups across a variety of industries that we believe are worth keeping an eye on in 2020 and beyond.

If there’s anything we can learn from looking back on 2019, it’s that the European start-up scene is thriving, even as businesses prepared for the uncertainty and the potential fallout of Brexit.

Atomico’s latest European start-up report was published in November 2019, highlighting that $34.3bn had been invested in European start-ups so far that year.

There are now around 100 VC-backed companies on the continent that have been valued at more than $1bn, and by this time next year, that figure is likely to have increased. The majority of these unicorn start-ups come from the UK, followed by Germany, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark and Ireland.

As we start a new year, has rounded up 100 European start-ups to watch in 2020, across a variety of industries such as agritech, AI, infosec, fintech, life sciences and the future of work.

Agritech and food

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Firstly, we looked at 20 European food and agritech start-ups that want to revolutionise what’s on your plate. This included a start-up using AI to detect diseases in crop fields and another using photonics to remove sea lice from farmed salmon.

  • CropSafe
  • Xocean
  • Naturbeads
  • Atlantic Photonic Solutions
  • Farm Compare
  • Machine Eye
  • Farmeye
  • Senoptica
  • Flipdish
  • Anuland
  • Changeover Technologies
  • Foodmarble
  • FarmHedge
  • AgroSustain
  • Augmenta
  • Mosa Meat
  • Karma
  • Altered Company
  • Micron Agritech
  • Faromatics

Future of work

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Next, we gathered 20 European start-ups that are preparing for the revolution of work as we know it, from offering jobs on demand to digitising the work that goes on in the HR office.

  • ConX
  • Get the Shifts
  • TurnedSee
  • SitePassport
  • CoachHub
  • Grandpal
  • Billie
  • Workvivo
  • Personal Carer
  • Trezeo
  • Koru Kids
  • TeachKloud
  • Pento
  • Neyber
  • MyAccessHub
  • WorkGenius
  • Side
  • Juggle
  • Occupop
  • Clear Review

AI, data and cybersecurity

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We also looked at 20 European start-ups leading the way in data, AI and infosec, setting the tone for the decade ahead in which cybersecurity and automation will play a huge role in our work and our daily lives.

  • Nuritas
  • Cerebreon
  • Titans24
  • Contractbook
  • DataChemist
  • Output Sports
  • Evervault
  • Gatewatcher
  • Octiga
  • TypingDNA
  • Heptasense
  • EdgeTier
  • Unbabel
  • Nova Leah
  • GitGuardian
  • Nextail
  • 4Securitas
  • Red Sift
  • Tines

Medtech and life sciences

A red stethoscope on a pink background.

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Across Europe, there’s no shortage of start-ups innovating in health and life sciences, so we listed 20 start-ups transforming the future of medicine and biotech.

  • Atrian Medical
  • Branca Bunús
  • Biosimulytics
  • Tracworx
  • Eolas Medical
  • Equimetrics
  • Kite Medical
  • AuriGen Medical
  • Loci Orthopaedics
  • Neurent Medical
  • N-Pro
  • Healx
  • LipoCoat
  • Aurum Biosciences
  • Biohope
  • Bluedrop Medical
  • Atturos
  • Axial3D
  • Hidramed Solutions
  • Neurovalens

Fintech and e-commerce

Two hands are edging into frame against a bright blue background. One hand is holding a drawing of a bag with a dollar sign on it, the other hand is holding a drawing of a lightbulb.

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And finally, we gathered 20 of Europe’s most exciting fintech start-ups making waves in both the B2C and B2B worlds.

  • UrbanFox
  • Raisin
  • Unitek.AI
  • VeeLoop
  • DX Compliance Solutions
  • Deposit Solutions
  • TradeIX
  • Active Asset Allocation
  • Aid:Tech
  • CorribPoint
  • TransferMate
  • Flender
  • Grover
  • ID-Pal
  • Spendesk
  • Atom Bank
  • Monzo
  • Oathello
  • Goin
  • Lunar Way

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