Start-up stock exchange SSX now accepts bitcoin to fund companies

24 Apr 2014

SSX, the stock exchange specifically for start-ups that opened last year, has become the world’s first stock exchange to accept bitcoin as a funding method for investing in start-ups offering shares.

Since yesterday, SSX began accepting the bitcoin cryptocurrency as a funding method for investment in the start-up shares offered on SSX.

Investors from more than 100 countries now have the opportunity to invest in publicly traded start-ups using their bitcoins.

SSX has embraced the digital funding method through GoCoin, an international bitcoin payment processor that will help SSX investors in the conversion of their bitcoins into the SSX-approved currency (US dollars) all inside the SSX platform.

Easy conversion of bitcoin into US dollars

“SSX provides investors of all levels access to investment opportunities in global start-ups,” said Ian Haet, CEO of the Start-up Stock Exchange.

“The addition of bitcoin as a funding method makes it easier for these investors to participate on our global market and invest in our public start-ups.

“Investors can take their bitcoin and convert them to US dollars, fund their trading account and invest in the listed start-ups all on the SSX website.”

Ian Haet and Brian Niessen are the founders of the SSX. They both have backgrounds in creating and managing technology companies.

The SSX operates via the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX) in Curaçao.

Opened on 10 June last year, SSX has received private funding from US and European investors, including Greg Kidd, a first round angel investor in both Twitter and Square.

Bitcoin trading image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years