WunderCar car-sharing service launches in Dublin

5 Jun 2014

An example of a WunderCar car in Germany featuring the company logo.

Aiming to make its mark in an increasingly competitive car-sharing sector, German start-up WunderCar is launching its first service outside of Germany.

The team behind the company is made up of former Airbnb employees who founded the company in 2013 and have officially launched the app that allows people with a car to sign up and offer lifts to users, much in the same way that Uber has grown to become a multi-million dollar business.

Wundercar has already opened an application process for drivers and every person with a car can apply to become a ‘WunderDriver’ with all WunderCar drivers going through a particular background and car check.

Each potential driver also has to partake in a personal or phone interview.

There is also a rating system for both drivers and passengers that can allow them to rate each other after the trip.

Each passenger is free to pay the amount she wants making it the first ‘pay-what-you-want’ transportation alternative in Ireland.

According to their own research, experience from a few thousand successful rides in Germany show that people are willing to pay on average 20pc more than suggested even though payments are voluntary.

WunderCar’s founder and CEO Gunnar Froh said of their decision to establish their first international operations in Germany: “Dublin is known for its hospitality and openness to innovation. We believe that people in Dublin will use WunderCar to meet new people, earn or save some extra money and move around their city!”

The app is now avilable for Dublin residents across both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic