Banana Bunkers, rude comments and Groupon’s social media win

24 Apr 2015

Social media is a tricky beast to navigate through, doubly so when the product you’re pedalling looks as NSFW as this…

But Groupon has managed to master the art of Facebook feedback, spending hours responding to almost every query about its latest offering – a Banana Bunker.

The site says that ripe bananas can rest easy as they nestle within these protective Banana Bunkers. The protective, phallic-shaped, ludicrous bunkers.

“The hard plastic design protects the soft fruit from getting bruised or crushed in backpacks or purses, and a collapsible midsection expands and contracts to accommodate larger or smaller specimens.”

Of course, because they look ridiculous, the company received some pretty funny queries, before responding to each one in a quite brilliant manner.

Groupon used just five people to respond to 200 comments, with Bill Roberts, head of global communication for Groupon, saying that he only wished there had more stock to sell when speaking to Adweek.

“There were only about 600 available. We sold out before the post even went viral. Given the site traffic, I wish we’d have had thousands. Next time!”

I could go on, but here are some more pictures of the products, and some of the brilliant responses. Enjoy.


The Banana Bunker as part of your packed lunch


The Banana Bunker in your school bag






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Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic