Heatwave survival: An Irish guide

30 Jun 2015

Well, it’s that time of year again, folks – July. And with July comes the inevitable continuation of the complaints begun in June. There’s ‘You call this summer?’ and the annual ’15 degrees in June? It’s unheard of!’ and the quintessential ‘Leaving Certs letting us down’ grumbles…

But now the cold is in the past, and another summer tradition is rolling around.

Dr Evil using airquotes, saying heatwave

Met Éireann has announced that Ireland should brace for warmer weather. A whopping 25 degrees is forecast in parts of the country tomorrow, causing many to – somewhat dramatically, and erroneously – shout heatwave.

To anyone who’s reading this in shock and bewilderment – ’25 degrees? A heatwave?! Really?!?’ you’re probably saying – consider that temperature is all relative.

50 degrees in San Diego vs Wisconsin

(Ireland is Wisconsin in this scenario.)

So with temperatures sky-rocketing into the low-to-mid 20s, what’s a person to do? Does one try to struggle through the fug of crippling humidity?

Fry: Not sure if hair still wet or already sweating

And when you do finally make it to work, how do you summon up the energy to be productive?

Heat wave making me as unproductive as any typical work day

Maybe you don’t. Maybe you just spend the day talking about how hot it is. But that’s fine. That’s a type of work, too. And it’ll give you a great opportunity to work on your sassy pop culture references.

Office is as hot as the fires of Mordor

Speaking of pop culture, people are already forming conspiracy theories.

Magic Mike caused the heatwave

If you’re really struggling to get through the day, though, we’re here to help with more than jokes. Check out this handy tutorial on making your own air conditioner. All you need is a fan, a styrofoam box, dryer vents and some frozen water.

And if, somehow, all of this still hasn’t helped, how about we just soundtrack your day:

Play that on repeat for a few hours and you’ll soon be feeling a lot cooler. Because you’ll be standing outside.

Because you’ll be fired.

Heatwave image, via Shutterstock

Kirsty Tobin was careers editor at Silicon Republic