New Jaguar F-PACE defies laws of gravity, sets World Record

17 Sep 2015

Stunt driver Terry Grant pictured with Jaguar F-PACE at International Motor Show, Frankfurt. Photo: David Shepherd

The Jaguar F-PACE, the iconic car brand’s first entry on the SUV market, has set a new Guinness World Record, completing the largest ever loop-the-loop.

The Jaguar F-PACE was revealed in style at the 2015 International Motor Show in Frankfurt, performing a complete 360°, 19.08m-tall loop.

The video (below) looks both impossible and perfectly easy, though, clearly, it’s neither – even more remarkable than the feat itself are some of the behind-the-scenes tidbits that are mentioned in the car manufacturer’s press release.

Expert British stunt driver Terry Grant steered the F-Pace into the perfect loop. Prior to the stunt, however, Grant underwent two months of intense physical and dietary training to prepare him for the incredible 6.5g of force that would be acting on him during the attempt.

That’s more than space shuttle pilots, who experience a comparatively paltry 3gs.

According to the Jaguar release, months of planning went into ensuring that it could actually be done, with precise calculations of angles, speeds and dimensions worked on by an expert team, including structural engineers, mathematicians and safety experts.

The impressive stunt can do nothing but spawn hundreds of bad dreams – in me at least – adding upside-down falling to the list of things I now imagine will go wrong when I sit into my car.

I anticipate ‘gruesome failed World Record attempt’ will soon be added to the litany of ‘crashing into every car I see’ and ‘parallel parking really badly’ nightmares.

Watch the F-PACE setting the Guinness World Record:

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Kirsty Tobin was careers editor at Silicon Republic