Ireland’s Euro 2016 glory told through Vines and tweets

17 Nov 2015

Ireland vs Bosnia and Herzegovina, blurrily, via Gordon Hunt

Ireland qualified for the Euro 2016 in France with a fairly comfortable win over Bosnia and Herzegovina, with social media handling the fallout as well as ever.

For anyone lucky enough to be in the Aviva last night (16 November), watching Ireland do the business in such a crucial tie was a joy to behold.

However, the 50,000 fans there didn’t get to revel in the social media extravaganza going on elsewhere, even if they did provide a lot of the content.

So, for example, most of us didn’t get to see Robbie Keane get stroppy in the pre-match warm-up.

Most of us didn’t realise James McClean was receptive to requests to get out of a fan’s way so they could see Jon Walters’ first-half penalty.

Most of us didn’t see the reaction around the world when the penalty was converted.

Most of us didn’t know that this was how Walters’ second goal was celebrated in homes up and down Bel Air.

Most of us couldn’t make out what Jon Walters was saying after the game.

Most of us even missed the team’s celebratory partying in the dressing room.

But me and my green hat did make it on to BBC…

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic