New Year Facebook fails, because life is hard

1 Jan 2016

Making it through New Year is hard. So hard, it seems, that throughout the ages (of Facebook), people have continually made a mess of their status updates.

The wonderful resource of Lamebook is a gift that keeps on giving, with humanity’s continual reluctance to marry logic and common sense with immediacy and communicative sharing resulting in daily doses of hilarity.

So we’ve found a bunch of New Year fails and, sure why not, some similarly tragic Christmas slips of the finger.

So maybe the next time you think of a whimsical, seasonal statement, take a moment to (a) consider if it is really worth sharing and (b) if it is, reread it before you press ‘send’.

There’s the odd NSFW reference as our New Year fails stretch back to the start of the decade, culminating in an unfortunate private moment in the back garden.

With Christmas fails, there are numerous sketchy cases of misspelled wrapping paper that turn an innocent update into an episode of Law & Order SVU.

New Year Facebook fails New Year Facebook fails New Year Facebook fails

New Year Fails New Year Facebook fail New Year Facebook fails Christmas is hard:Christmas Facebook fail Christmas Facebook Christmas Facebook Christmas Facebook Christmas Facebook

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Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic