10 optical illusions to make your head hurt

15 Jan 2016

An image surfaced online recently that caught us way off guard. What was merely a loving family photo looked incredibly odd and hard to decipher. Why? Well, perspective, of course. It seems optical illusions are everywhere, you just have to look.

From levitating bikes to two-headed children, dogs driving cars to alien horses, the internet is home to a plethora of simple images made wonderful by a unique combination of bizarre perspective and fortuitous timing.

When optical illusions are mentioned, two things often come to my mind. First up, those annoying magic eye comics I had as a kid. Second? This incredible piece of art made by Erik Johansson last year.

But thanks to crowd collecting online, with a heavy nod towards the wonderful funnel of content on Reddit, far more parochial ‘what is this?’ examples emerge by the hour.

So an image that is circulating Imgur and Reddit of late that threw many of us off (below) made me think what other wonders are out there.

Optical illusion | Perspective

Here, to kick off the weekend, are just a few more.

For starters, what’s the best way of dodging a punch in the head? That’s right, have an invisible head, via Mattho on Reddit.

Optical illusion | Perspective

Sometimes the way you stand next to your kid makes for some odd hands, and faces, via Toberoni and Camel 69 on Reddit.

Optical illusion | Perspective

Many people really start looking like their pets, sources here and here:

Optical illusion | Perspective

Of course, the best perspective is often portrayed best by people carrying people, or alien horses:

Optical illusion | Perspective

But, if it takes more than a still image to trick you, enjoy these:

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Chalk illusion via hipproductions/Shutterstock

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