Star Wars: The Force Awakens – yet another new trailer

27 Nov 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

For those wondering what happens in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie, you could probably just watch all of the numerous trailers that have now been released and get your fill.

Today a new, surely final, trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens shows yet more scenes from the upcoming blockbuster.

Already the most talked about film on social media this year, the seventh film in the Star Wars franchise would have to do something extraordinary to tank at the box office.

Variety recently reported that the movie is up 20pc on all other movies this year, after it was “engaged with” 230m times on social media.

The majority of this has been driven across both YouTube and, remarkably, Instagram.

The latest trailer shows Kylo Ren acting the hard man, with his ominous voiceover adding to his looming presence.

Han Solo, Chewie, Finn and Rey also make an appearance, along with loads of stormtroopers, explosions and impressively choreographed battles.

Oh and here are the others:

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic