Betty White tribute and other Google Easter eggs waiting to be found

18 Jan 2022

Betty White. Image: David Shankbone/Flickr (Public Domain)

Google’s latest Easter egg provides a surprise for those searching for Betty White. Here are some more you may have missed.

Google has paid tribute to US actor Betty White with an Easter egg to mark her 100th birthday. The Golden Girls star died on New Year’s Eve, but would have turned 100 yesterday (17 January).

Users googling her name will see the words ‘Thank you for being a friend’ pop up on their screen with a rose-petal shower, a reference to the theme song of The Golden Girls.

Often hailed as the First Lady of Television, White was a Guinness World Record holder for the longest TV career by a woman entertainer and has for decades been one of the most recognisable faces in US film, television and comedy.

As Google celebrated her life, we went hunting for some other Easter eggs the search giant has hidden across its platform that you may not have stumbled upon yet. Other than the many Google games and the dinosaur that appears every time you go offline, of course.

Holiday season

With the holiday season just behind us, you may not have had to time to google ‘Christmas Day’ or ‘New Year’s Day’, but Google had a trick up its sleeve if you did. If you find a festive Easter egg next year, don’t forget to click on it for potentially more surprises.

Do a trick

Not all Google Easter eggs are seasonal. Many year-round ones have come and gone, but two tricks have stood the test of time: ‘Askew’ and ‘Do a barrel roll’. Users who google those two search terms will be in for a twisted surprise, turning many a head. However, if you see these tricks without googling the terms, maybe take some rest.

Legally Blonde

It has been more than two decades since Robert Luketic made his feature film directorial debut with Legally Blonde, a comedy about a student who attempts to win back her ex-boyfriend by getting a degree from Harvard Law School.

Starring Reese Witherspoon, the film is considered a timeless classic and Google has a surprise for anyone searching for the film, just ahead of a third instalment coming this year.

Google as a baby

Speaking of things more than two decades old, Google itself is turning 24 this September. While the search giant has come a long way in terms of looks since 1998, Google holds strong to nostalgia and is willing to take anyone searching ‘Google in 1998’ back in time. See it for yourself.


With Pride celebrations across many parts of the world set to go ahead this year, including Dublin Pride, ‘pride’ will be a popular search term for many. But what many won’t see is the multi-coloured beating heart in the search results. As usual, if you spot it, don’t forget to click on it.


New generations of fans continue to become acquainted with classic sitcom Friends, thanks to undying references from millennials and the show’s availability on Netflix.

Google, itself in the weird space between millennial and Gen Z, pays tribute to the show every time someone googles the name of one of the six titular friends. Start with Joey Tribbiani to find out what he doesn’t share.

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Vish Gain is a journalist with Silicon Republic