DBIC deal to help Irish tech firms crack US

12 Mar 2008

The Dublin Business Innovation Centre (DBIC) has signed a deal with a technology incubator in Baltimore to help technology companies in each jurisdiction to access business advice and office space in the opposite market.

The agreement between DBIC and the Baltimore-based ETC (Emerging Technology Centres) is aimed at accelerating the growth of trade between the US city and Dublin and to promote job creation in the two locations.

“The big challenge facing Irish, early-stage technology companies today is to achieve a global presence quickly. This agreement provides them with a base into the major US market in a supportive environment,” commented David Varian, chairman of the Guinness Enterprise Centre, which is part of DBIC.

Under the agreement, ETC and DBIC’s technology incubator, the GEC, will provide business assistance services and office space to technology-based businesses who wish to establish an international presence. Each organisation will market the other’s capabilities and the value of the collaboration among its member companies and the surrounding business community.

One of the more innovative elements of the agreement is the creation of local advisory committees of experienced business people for each company participant. The goal of these committees is to help the company succeed in the new overseas market by providing relevant business advice and valuable industry contacts to company management.

“DBIC was very interested in collaborating with the ETC as they are well known for creating an environment in which like-minded start-ups can accelerate their potential,” said Hugh Governey, chairman, DBIC. “This is exactly the kind of atmosphere Dublin companies want to access when establishing a US operation.”

“This collaboration will assist new and existing technology firms to expand internationally in physical space which can accommodate their unique needs, while receiving the business mentoring, technical and networking services that traditionally have been provided by DBIC and ETC,” said ETC president Ann Lansinger. “These tools and resources are essential to helping these companies grow.”

By Niall Byrne