Google launches machine-learning tool to help SMEs create better ad campaigns

7 Sep 2018


Google is rolling out its new Smart Campaigns business tool to all business across Ireland.

SMEs in Ireland can now take advantage of a new Google tool that harnesses the power of machine learning (ML) to create ads relevant to them.

Based on data from information provided by the business, its Google My Business listing and its website, Smart Campaigns creates tailored ads.

Firms can choose the goals they prioritise, from incoming phone calls to sales, store visits or website enquiries. ML technology then creates sample ads automatically within minutes.

These ads can then be seeded out across Google Search, and more than 3m apps and sites on display. When the campaign is set up, ML works to optimise it to deliver results prioritised by the business.

Image of a Google Smart Campaign ad for a bakery generated using Machine Learning.

Google Smart Campaigns in action. Image: Google

SMEs could benefit from the new tool

One particular feature launching later this year that may be of use for small businesses is Image Picker. Companies can input existing business assets including logos, headlines and images. Using these, Smart Campaigns can test various combinations to create the most impactful ads.

Companies can also track how their ads perform and see how attractive they are to potential new customers. They can see the amount of times users have viewed and taken action on their ad. Ad impressions are also a feature, as well as ad clicks, call clicks and map actions, among others. The latter allows companies to track how many times people saw their ad and clicked the business pin to find directions via Google Maps. Businesses can link their Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts to use tracking IDs and tags, monitoring ad traffic in a more granular way.

Creating successful ad campaigns

Marie Davis, head of Google marketing solutions in Ireland, said: “More than 99pc of businesses in Ireland are small and medium-sized. We want these businesses to focus on their core products and services, and on growing their business without having to worry about not having the resources or expertise for digital marketing. 

“With Smart Campaigns, SMBs can succeed without needing to be advertising experts.”

Google is also testing auto-optimised landing pages, which could create webpages for small businesses that are optimised for ads, helping them to drive conversion. 

Ellen Tannam was a journalist with Silicon Republic, covering all manner of business and tech subjects