Mulcahy bows out, new CEO to take the reins at Xerox

21 May 2009

Xerox CEO Ann Mulcahy is to retire from the role on 1 July and will be replaced by the company’s current president Ursula Burns. It is understood that Mulcahy, who is chairman, will remain in that position.

Mulcahy (pictured) became CEO of Xerox in 2001, having begun her career with the company in 1976 as a sales rep.

During her 33 years with the company she rose through the ranks in roles ranging from sales and HR, to marketing and leading Xerox’s reseller and dealer channel businesses.

Mulcahy, who is also referred to as Xerox’s chief salesperson, has been noted for overhauling the company’s product line, launching more than 80 products in the past three years alone.

As well as this, she created and scaled Xerox’s Global Services division, which provides document-related outsourcing, to become a US$3.5bn a year business.

“I joined Xerox because it offered a level playing field – a sales environment where meritocracy rules,” Mulcahy said. “And I stayed because the values of the brand, the culture and the people are so closely aligned with how I think every business should operate.

“It has been a privilege leading Xerox. The decision to move on is made easy only in the fact that Ursula Burns is so well positioned to take Xerox to the next level. Our strategy is sound and well defined.

“And, despite a tough economy, we are generating cash, building our technology and services pipeline and poised for period of steady, profitable growth in the future,” Mulcahy said.

By John Kennedy

Pictured: retiring Xerox CEO, Ann Mulcahy