QuickPark works its magic on Dublin Airport

29 Aug 2007

Instead of waiting in an endless queue for a parking space at Dublin Airport, passengers can go online and reserve a spot in the QuickPark car park in advance.

This online reservation system to make parking at Dublin Airport time-saving and hassle-free has been developed by ParkMagic, an Irish mobile payment and wireless technology company.

Paul Fitzgerald, chief executive officer and co-founder of ParkMagic, said that the company is aiming to take 30pc of the car parking market at Dublin Airport with this new system.

“This new technology is generating a lot of interest among car park operators in Ireland and we are seeing significant interest in the system with UK and US operators,” he said.

Passengers simply enter details of the date, time of arrival and duration of their stay and can then check for availability of parking spaces. A space can then be booked in advance using a credit or debit card.

The customer is issued with a pin code that they then use on arrival at the QuickPark car park by entering it into a keypad. To save time on waiting to pay, the same pin can then be re-used to leave and pay.

John O’Sullivan, managing director of QuickPark said: “Air travel has become much more stressful for both the business and leisure traveler and time is often of the essence for passengers arriving at Dublin Airport.

“We wanted a system which would reduce this stress and would provide an improved service for our customers. You can book your seat on the airplane in advance, check-in in advance and even book your luggage in advance so why not your car parking space?”

By Marie Boran