Vodafone will have special iPhone launch offer

3 Mar 2010

Closer to commercial availability on 25 March, Vodafone Ireland says it will have a ‘very strong offer’ for customers throughout the launch phase of the iPhone 3Gs.

“It’s a really strong offer that will be available during the launch phase. We’re confident that it will really excite customers and be very impactful,” said Christine Heffernan, acting head of corporate affairs for Vodafone Ireland, adding that details on the specifics would be available shortly.

Meanwhile, details of the tethering options for the iPhone through Vodafone are as follows:

Vodafone customers can avail of two optional add-ons to use their phone as a 3G broadband modem via their PC: they will be able to purchase 1GB of data for the phone as modem use for €9.99 per month or 10GB of data available for €19.90.
“We have done this to protect the user experience for the vast majority of customers.

“Not every customer wants to use their phone as a modem as so to ensure a premium experience for all we have devised a dual pricing strategy that gives maximum value and service to all customers,” said a spokesperson for Vodafone.

By Marie Boran

Photo: The iPhone 3GS