Apple reportedly hiring for environmental manager in China, via LinkedIn

16 Aug 2013

Image by Jeromy Johnson ( )

Consumer tech giant Apple is reportedly seeking an ‘environmental affairs programme manager’ in China via the business social network LinkedIn.

If the reports are true, and if hired, this new Apple recruit will be based in Beijing, China’s capital city.

The rumour comes in the wake of recent attacks on Apple for its reported lack of environmental ethics, particularly in relation to one of its Chinese suppliers, Foxconn.

Digits, a blog via The Wall Street Journal, reports that not only is Apple purported to be hiring for an environmental affairs chief whip in China, but also a store specialist and security specialist.

Of late, Apple’s main supplier in China has been targeted for alleged environmental breaches, Digits reports.

Since Greenpeace lashed out at Apple in 2012 over claims that it used ‘dirty energy’ to power its data centres, Apple has been trying to get back into the environmental body’s good books by charging up its clean-tech and clean IT focus.

This past July, Greenpeace changed its tune, however, and embraced Apple warmly. In the wake of the news that Apple is to invest in a solar facility to power its new data centre in Nevada, Greenpeace welcomed the move. It said Apple is now leaving both Amazon and Microsoft “in the dust” in terms of transiting to a cleaner internet.

So now Apple appears to be on a mission to clean up its act in China.

And, in terms of consumer tech, Apple will be launching its next Mac operating system, Mavericks, in the coming weeks. That’s in addition to its next iPhone device, which is to be unveiled on 10 September.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic