EU to investigate solar panel imports from China

6 Sep 2012

The European Commission has launched an anti-dumping investigation regarding solar panel imports from China. The move comes after the European industry association EU Pro Sun lodged a complaint, claiming that solar panels and their key components imported from China have been entering the European marketplace at prices below their market value.

Yesterday, the commission claimed that in terms of import value that has been affected, this is the most significant anti-dumping complaint it has received so far.

It said that, in 2011, China exported solar panels and their key components, such as solar cells and solar wafers, worth about €21bn to the EU.

The commission said the investigation will take 15 months, but said it would be possible to impose “provisional anti-dumping duties” within nine months – that’s if there is enough evidence of dumping.

The move comes after EU Pro Sun, which represents more than 20 European solar panel manufacturers, lodged a complaint with the commission in July.

The European Union is one of the biggest markets for Chinese solar panel exports, accounting for around 80pc of Chinese export sales.

“The investigation will determine whether the product under investigation originating in the country concerned is being dumped and whether the dumped imports have caused injury to the union industry,” said the commission in a statement.

Back in May, the US government imposed tariffs of around 30pc on solar panels imported from China.

Solar panel image via Shutterstock

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic