Sustainability Gathering heading to Dublin this month

5 Jun 2015

Established businesses and start-ups are invited to the Sustainability Gathering, which will take place in Dublin over three days from 22 June.

The plenary session of the event will take place in Dublin Castle on 24 June.

The Gathering aims to steer businesses in to making environmentally sound investments in Ireland’s future

With an estimated €31bn (US$35bn) of environmental assets now managed, deployed or serviced in or from Ireland, the country is believed to be emerging as the go-to location for sustainability enterprise and finance activities.

In the past few months, both Apple and Facebook have announced plans to fund renewable energy construction and facilitation of sustainable operations in Ireland, and now the Sustainability Gathering organisation is looking to expand this to companies both big and small.

Over the course of 22-23 June, separate events will focus on the financing of Irish environmental technology start-ups and see the launch of Docklands 21, a partnership between the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), Dublin City Council and Green IFSC to ensure that at a business level Dublin’s Docklands are undertaking best-in-class resource efficiency measures.

There are also planned to be a number of important job and investment announcements, with some 600 people due to attend the event.

Stephen Nolan, executive director of the Green IFSC, commented: “The Sustainability Gathering is unique. It is rare to find all these people in one room at one time.

“This event defines the sustainability investment ecosystem for Ireland and it allows the community to celebrate Irish Innovation while exploring what more can be done to compete globally.”

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Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic