65pc of businesses use broadband, says ComReg

25 Jan 2006

Some 65pc of businesses are getting their access to the internet via a broadband connection, according to the Commission for Communications Regulation’s (ComReg) six-monthly survey of the telecoms needs of large corporates and SMEs.

The survey covered 50 large corporates and 500 SMEs and examined attitudes and perceptions towards fixed, mobile and internet services.

The survey found that interest amongst SMEs with narroband internet access to get a broadband connection has increased from 41pc to 59pc since the previous survey six months ago.

Some 89pc of companies surveyed have access to the internet and 65pc of all businesses now get their access to the internet via a broadband connection.

The survey revealed growing interest amongst businesses in voice over internet protocol (VoIP) with an estimated 46pc of SMEs and over 80pc of corporates aware of getting lower cost calls either over the internet or streamlining communications internally and between distributed workforces.

Some six out of 10 respondents to the survey expressed interest in having a single provider for fixed and mobile calls.

In terms of switching providers, 40pc of firms said that they would switch their fixed-line operator if they believed they would accrue a 15pc call saving.

The survey also pointed to growing awareness amongst businesses of third-generation (3G) mobile, with some 75pc of firms aware of 3G mobile phone services.

By John Kennedy