Budget 2008 to test new web backbone

5 Dec 2007

Ahead of the surge of internet traffic expected for the 2008 budget speech on 5 December, INEX (the Internet Neutral Exchange Association) is beginning to roll out its 10GB Ethernet technology at its Dublin-based hub.

Going by last year’s traffic levels, which doubled during the live webcast from Dail Eireann, INEX is using this opportunity to test the technology before full deployment on its Cisco 6500 Ethernet switching platform next year.

INEX, which was established in 1996, is essentially the hub of the Irish internet, allowing ISPs (internet service providers) to exchange traffic and handle capacity more efficiently.

This 10GB connection, which is supported by Ireland’s National Education and Research Network, HEAnet, will provide 10 times the normal capacity at the internet exchange, to handle increasing traffic loads since the mainstream availability of broadband.

The level of traffic passing through the exchange has intensified by a staggering 70pc in the past 12 months alone, which can be directly attributed to broadband rollout throughout the country.

Recently INEX welcomed the first ever mobile operator to its organisation in the form of O2 Ireland, reflecting the increasing amount of IP traffic passing through mobile handsets, especially with email on the BlackBerry and the growth of mobile web surfing and music downloads.

By Marie Boran