Businesses find IT too complex

30 May 2006

The complexity of IT remains a barrier to the adoption of new technology by Irish SMEs, a new survey reveals. Of 300 companies surveyed, 21pc complained that technology is ‘too complex’ and ‘too confusing.’

Conducted by TNS MRBI on behalf of mobile operator O2, the survey found that security and virus issues are a big turnoff for firms using technology, with 21pc citing this as their major criticism. Some 15pc said they were fed up with spam and only 7pc saw reliability as an issue.

Some 32pc of companies described their PC skills as ‘poor’ or non-existent.

“If the mobile sector can continue to deliver critical business services, like email, in a user-friendly manner, then the mobile, whether it is a phone or BlackBerry, will increasingly become the communications device of choice for many business users,” commented O2 marketing director Paul Farrell.

“Young people were the first to identify and exploit the benefits of texting. This study and indeed our own experience with customers suggests that many firms are now discovering the business benefits as well,” Farrell added.

The survey showed an increase in the number of SMEs using text messaging for business purposes. It also found that only 37pc of firms had a website. “Some 28pc of firms employing less than three people have a website which is perhaps understandable but we were a little surprised that only 56pc of those employing more than 10 people possess a website,”
Farrell said.

By John Kennedy