Digiweb launches new satellite broadband service

31 May 2011

Digiweb has partnered with Eutelsat to launch a next-generation broadband service via satellite known as Digiweb Tooway aimed everywhere in Ireland and Europe.

The service is aimed at those who cannot get access to broadband in certain locations and those relying on 3G or DSL connections.

Using Eutelsat’s new high throughput KA-SAT satellite, the service will offer speeds of up to 10Mbps everywhere in Ireland and Europe. Packages start from €19.95 per month and are installed within a few days of order.

The KA-SAT satellite is the first of its kind in Europe and has a total capacity of more than 70Gbps. Its complete infrastructure, including the satellite and a network of eight gateways across Europe connected to the internet through a fibre backbone ring, will enter service this week.

“We are delighted to expand and enhance our existing broadband services, to offer customers an alternative where DSL and mobile broadband is not up to scratch,” said Declan Campbell, head of operations at Digiweb, at the launch of the service.

“Technology continues to change and satellite broadband is no different, this same technology has over 500,000 broadband subscribers in North America, so we expect it to take off throughout Europe.”