Google’s Nexus One smart phone draws complaints

11 Jan 2010

Google’s Nexus One smart phone has already sparked complaints, barely a week after its launch into the market.

The complaints stem from customer support, BBC News Online reports.

Many customers are apparently unhappy with the internet search giant only responding to customers via email and they want phone-based support, especially considering the US$529 they forked over for the handset, many said.

Google set up support forums for the Nexus One, and the top query is about how much consumers should pay for the phone and whether existing customers of T-Mobile can obtain the device at a reduced rate. Only new customers of T-Mobile will be able to pay US$179.

US consumers can purchase the handset directly from Google for US$529 or on a contract with T-Mobile for US$179.  In the UK, the phone will be available through Vodafone, but prices and launch dates have yet to be announced.

Delivery information

Other customers want more information about how long the phone they have ordered will take to reach them, while others have reported problems with the phone’s support for 3G wireless networks, synchronising contacts and getting the handset to work with existing Google accounts. 

Customers who went to either T-Mobile or HTC, maker of Nexus One, for help, were bounced between the companies.

Many customers are also dissatisfied with amount of time it has taken Google to respond to queries.

Google replied it would answer queries via email, with customers being able to expect an answer in a day or two.

“We’ve worked closely with our Nexus One launch partners to make support available through a variety of channels,” said a spokesman for Google. “This is a new way to purchase and support a mobile phone, and we’re committed to sorting out the few kinks that do exist.”

Photo: Google’s Nexus One mobile phone